My family is nothing short of amazing. I have been blessed with a very large and diverse group of siblings and they are my reason for not only starting this organization but also why we are becoming a foster family. 

My mom and step-father have fostered since I was a teenager. Over the years they have adopted two sibling groups (a total of 8 children). Their commitment to helping those in need has been a tough journey but also an example of unconditional love. Their testimony has been an eye-opening experience and is why we are so committed to help.

In loving memory of our sweet Dani Baum

December 6, 2004 - November 14, 2009

Active Board Members:

Rebecca Fox

Jay Fox

Rachel De Groot

Carrie Schormann

Patrick Longo


My husband, Jay, and I have been married for 9 years and have three children. We are in the process of becoming licensed foster parents and wanted a way to get involved to help as many children as possible.  This is why we have started the SafePacks organization.  There are currently around 11,000 children in the foster care system in Missouri. The more we read statistics, the more our hearts grew for these children. We know we can't give all of these children a place to live, but we can give them the comfort and support when transitioning into care and searching for their forever families. 


Honorary Board Members:

Greg Iverson

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