Children that enter the foster care system come to their host family with either no belongings or a trash bag with a few items. Also, host families do not receive their voucher to purchase necessities for that child until about a week later if at all. Here’s where our SafePacks step in. We will supply an age appropriate backpack to each child that enters into the foster system that will be theirs to keep. It will have items like a pair of pajamas, diapers, formula, a stuffed animal, a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and either a small toy or book. Not only will this help the host family those first couple days in care but will also give these precious children something that is theirs to hold onto during such a difficult and scary transition. It is our goal at SafePacks to provide a feeling of safety and support to these children that are on their journey to finding their forever home.

What are SafePacks?

Our backpacks come filled with not only essential items for the kids but the personal touch of hand written notes from other children. We long to give as much love and support to each child through this ministry!

With the help of Usborne Books and More, we were given the amazing donation of over 700 books and over 300 cuddle bears to add to our backpacks! It has been such a blessing to be able to fill each SafePacks with such a wonderful book/journal and bear and I can't thank them enough! 

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